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I have no idea how to make guides on the Sporcle website so I ended up posting the guide here. The text below contains spoilers for the quiz. The quiz can be found here.

Note that the solution of the quiz requires some knowledge about the Eurovision Song Contest and geography of the countries involved. For contests 2015 and before, only knowing which countries have won in which decades (and how many times in total before 2023) is required. This quiz also requires knowing all the entries from 2023 and rankings from some earlier years, as well as both the jury and televoting winners from 2016 onwards. All information in this quiz is from no later than 2023.


By default, Sweden is already placed and located in A1. Each heading for a step here has the number of countries placed before getting to that step.


At the start, Sweden's clue tells us that the host of 2023 is located in C3. The host country of 2023 is the United Kingdom.


Based on the UK's clue, the remaining top 4 countries of 2023 (Finland, Israel, Italy) must be placed in the remaining corners (A6, F1, F6). F6 is also on the diagonal where Sweden is, so it must be a country that has won at least 4 times. Out of the top 4 of 2023 (other than Sweden), only Israel meets this criteria, so it goes in F6.


Israel's clue places Italy in row 1, which disambiguates the remaining corners (Finland in A6 and Italy in F1).

From Israel's clue, we also find out that Ukraine must also be in the top row. The United Kingdom's clue places Ukraine in column C. As such, Ukraine must be in C1.


From Italy, we learn that Denmark, Cyprus and Ukraine all have to be in the same row. Ukraine has already been placed in row 1 so it must be that row. The only remaining spots for Cyprus and Denmark are B1, D1 and E1.

Ukraine's clue tells us that all the countries adjacent to it (which include B1 and D1) have won the contest at least once. Cyprus has never won, which leaves E1 as the only remaining square where Cyprus can go.


Cyprus tells us that Greece is adjacent to it, but not to Italy or a Nordic country. The only cells that are adjacent to Cyprus but not Italy are D1 and D2. Either way, this rules out Denmark as an option for D1 (since Denmark as a Nordic country cannot be adjacent to Greece), so Denmark must go in B1.


From Denmark's clue, we know row 1 contains Eurovision winners from every decade. All decades from the 1960s to the 2020s are already covered by countries that have already been placed. From this, we can conclude that the country in D1 must have won the contest in the 1950s. The only countries that won the Eurovision Song Contest in the 1950s are Switzerland, the Netherlands and France.

The Netherlands and France have won the contest 5 times. Sweden's clue states all countries on its diagonal have won the contest 4 or more times. There are 7 countries that have won the contest 4 or more times, but one of them is Luxembourg, which did not participate in 2023. As such, every country other than Luxembourg that has won 4 or more times must be in one of the six squares in Sweden's diagonal, so they cannot be in D1. This leaves Switzerland as the only possible option.

Since D1 has now been filled, D2 remains as the only possible location for Greece.


From Switzerland's clue, we know that the countries in B2 and D1 had their first victories in different decades (since both are adjacent to Ukraine). The country in B2 must be one that has won 4 or more times and has not already been placed, leaving only France, the Netherlands and Ireland as options. France and the Netherlands both won in the 1950s, meaning the country in B2 must be Ireland.


Now C2 is the only remaining empty cell adjacent to Ukraine. The filled cells adjacent to Ukraine include countries that first won in the 1950s (Switzerland), 1960s (Denmark), 1970s (Ireland) and 2000s (Greece), leaving the 1980s and 2010s as the only options for C2 (the 1990s and 2020s up to 2023 had no first-time winners).

From Ireland's clue, we know that the country in C2 must have won the contest at least twice (it cannot have won 0 times as it is already established that the country has won), eliminating all possibilities except Norway and Germany. However, C2 is adjacent to Greece, so the country in C2 cannot be a Nordic country, so it must be Germany.

Using Greece's clue, we also know that the country in A2 placed in the top 3 in 2017 (Portugal, Bulgaria, Moldova). Ireland's clue eliminates Portugal as a possibility since Portugal has won exactly once and Bulgaria did not participate in 2023, which leaves Moldova as the only option for A2.


Based on what was stated about Sweden's diagonal before, we know France and the Netherlands must be in E5 and D4 in some order. Moldova's clue tells us that France must be in column E. As such, France must be in E5 and the Netherlands in D4.


From France's clue, we know that one of the 1969 winners is diagonally adjacent to the other three. Three of them (United Kingdom, Netherlands, France) have already been placed along the same diagonal. There is no way to place Spain in the grid such that it is diagonally adjacent to all three, which means the Netherlands must be the one 1969 winner that is diagonally adjacent to all the others. This leaves E3 and C5 as the only cells where Spain can be placed.

From Moldova's clue, we know Spain must be in column E. As such, this places Spain in E3.


We learn that a Nordic country is adjacent to the Netherlands but not France. The only still empty cells meeting this criteria are D3, C4 and C5. D3 is adjacent to Greece so the Nordic country cannot be there.

From Finland's clue, we know Finland must be adjacent to a country it borders. Sweden has already been placed and is not adjacent to Finland and Russia did not participate in 2023, which leaves Norway as the only option for the adjacent country. Finland is not adjacent to C4 or C5, which means the Nordic country adjacent to the Netherlands is Iceland.

Spain's clue tells us that every country in row 5 was in the grand final in 2023, so Iceland cannot be there as it failed to qualify. As such, Iceland is placed in C4.


From the clues of Iceland and Finland, we know that Norway must be adjacent to both of them. The only cell that is adjacent to both Finland and Iceland is B5, so Norway must be placed there.


From Norway's clue, we know that Ukraine and Czechia (the two countries whose 2023 entries contain lyrics in Ukrainian) must be in odd-numbered cells in the same column. Ukraine has already been placed in C1, so Czechia must also be in column C. The only available odd-numbered cell in that column is C5.


Using the clues of Iceland and Czechia, we know Portugal is adjacent to Spain but no other Big Five countries. The only empty cell adjacent to Spain that is not adjacent to other members of the Big Five is F3, so Portugal must be placed there.


Portugal's clue tells us that two of the countries that border Georgia are adjacent to it. Out of the countries that border Georgia, only Armenia and Azerbaijan participated in 2023, meaning those must be the two countries that are adjacent to Georgia.

From Moldova's clue, we know Georgia must be in column E. Since there are no remaining pairs of adjacent cells in that column, it means Azerbaijan must be in column D or F. Using Czechia's clue, we can rule out all empty cells except D5, F5 and D6 (since the others are all adjacent to multiple Big Five countries and Azerbaijan first won in the 2010s). From Spain's clue, we know Azerbaijan cannot be in row 5, which means it must be in D6.

Since Azerbaijan is adjacent to Georgia and Georgia is in column E, it means Georgia has to be in E6.


From Azerbaijan's clue, we learn that Albania is in row 3. The only available cells in that row are A3, B3 and D3.

We also know that Albania must be placed in a column where all countries ranked above Albania in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Since Albania qualified in 2023, it means any countries in the same column as Albania must have also been finalists in 2023 in order to rank above Albania. Both columns B and D include countries that failed to qualify in 2023, leaving A3 as the only option for Albania.


Since Armenia is adjacent to Georgia, it must be in D5 or F5. From Albania's clue, we know Armenia cannot be in the same column as Azerbaijan (in column D) since both countries start with the letter A. As such, Armenia is placed in F5.


Using the clues of Germany and Armenia, we know that San Marino must be adjacent to Italy (as that is the only country San Marino borders), meaning it must be in E2 or F2. From Georgia's clue, we can deduce that San Marino is not in F2 so since the country is in the quiz, it must be in E2.


San Marino's clue tells us that a jury winner from 2016-2023 is directly above a televoting winner from 2016-2023. All televoting winners from this time period have already been placed in the grid, excluding Russia which is not a participant from 2023. The only possible countries that are still options to be the televoting winner referred to in the clue are Finland, Norway and Portugal, as the others are all either in the top row or already have a country that never won the jury vote directly above them.

Since the televoting winner has already been placed, the jury winner must be a country that has not yet been placed. The only jury winners that have not been placed yet are Australia, Austria and North Macedonia. The last of these, however, is not a participant from 2023, meaning the country in this clue must be Australia or Austria.

From Albania's clue, we know that the jury winner cannot be in column A with Finland (Albania is already in that column) or column F with Portugal (Armenia is already in that column). This means it must be in B4, directly above Norway.

Armenia's clue tells us that row 6 has countries from 3 different continents. The only country in this quiz that is not from Europe or Asia is Australia (the quiz description states that overseas territories are ignored), so it must be in row 6. This leaves Austria as the country that must be in B4.

The only empty cells in row 6 are B6 and C6. Austria has already been placed in column B which means Australia cannot be in B6. This means Australia is in C6.


Australia's clue states that a non-qualifier from 2023 is in B3. The only non-qualifiers that have not yet been placed are Latvia, Malta and Romania. From the clues of Germany and Armenia, we know Romania is not included in the quiz. B3 is adjacent to Ireland, so Latvia cannot be there. As such, the country in B3 must be Malta.


Austria's clue tells us that a country that first won in the 2000s is in row 5. The only such countries that participated in 2023 and have not yet been placed are Estonia, Latvia and Serbia. Latvia failed to qualify in 2023, leaving only Estonia and Serbia as options.

The only still available spots in row 5 are A5 and D5. A5 is in the same column as Albania. However, Estonia placed below Albania in 2021 and Serbia placed below Albania in 2023, so neither can be placed in A5. This means one of them must be in D5.

If Serbia is in D5, then based on Malta's clue, Croatia must also be in column D, but the only still available cell there is D3. This cell, however, is in the same row as Malta, so Croatia cannot be there. This means Serbia cannot be in D5, meaning the country in that cell is Estonia.


The remaining cells in column A must have placed above Albania in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The only remaining such countries that have not yet been placed are Lithuania and Belgium. There are two remaining cells in column A (A4 and A5), meaning Lithuania and Belgium must be in those two cells in some order.

According to Estonia's clue, Lithuania must be in column D or row 5. As such, since we know Lithuania is in column A, the country must go in A5. Placing Lithuania there also allows us to place Belgium in A4.


Serbia and Croatia must be in the same column, and the only remaining column with two empty cells is column F (F2 and F4). From Belgium's clue, we know Moldova (train song in 2022) and Croatia (tractor song in 2023) are not in the same row. Since Moldova is in A2, this means Croatia is not in F2. We can now place Croatia in F4 and Serbia in F2.


Serbia's clue tells us Latvia is adjacent to Lithuania or Estonia, meaning the country must be in either B6 or E4. However, based on Croatia's clue, Latvia cannot be placed in E4 as that cell is adjacent to Croatia and Latvia failed to qualify in 2023. As such, Latvia must be placed in B6.


Latvia's clue tells us Slovenia is adjacent to an even number of Big Five countries. Out of the two remaining empty cells, D3 is adjacent to the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain (odd number) while E4 is adjacent to Spain and France (even number). As such, Slovenia must go in E4.

We already know Romania is not included, so the only remaining country, Poland, must be placed in D3.